SOD LEHIGH ACRES provides sod installation throughout Lehigh Acres, Florida and the surrounding areas. Sod is the quickest and simplest way to completely transform your Southwest Florida lawn into a plush green landscape. With the proper care, your brand new surface will be ready for full use and enjoyment in about three weeks.

Installing Sod in Florida is a relatively simple process, which means within about a day, depending on the size of the area being renovated, the job should be completed.

Our objective is to make the most cost effective way to obtain a beautiful looking lawn for our clients. While re-seeding may cost less initially, maintenance costs can quickly drive up your re-seeding related expenses. Additionally, the re-seeding process takes a great deal of time to produce a healthy, mature lawn.

Why Choose Sod?

Sod produces an attractive and refined Florida lawn instantly and quickly

Sod can be laid at almost any time of the year in Florida

Sod turf initially has no weeds, and its dense network of roots discourages future weeds

Sod is the best way to replace your existing lawn

Sod is an inexpensive way to add to the value of your home

Sod Frequently Asked Questions

How long will sod live on a pallet?
Sod is a living plant that we recommend be installed and watered within 12 hours of delivery or pick-up.

When can sod be installed?
Sod can be installed year-round. It can even be layered on frozen ground if needed. Fall and spring are ideal seasons for sod installation in Southwest Florida. In the heat of summer, sod will require more water than cooler season installations.

Why should I install sod instead of seeding?
Sod is ready for full use within a couple of weeks of installation. Sod is relatively inexpensive, and adds value to your property the moment it is installed. A sodded lawn needs no special care because it is a mature lawn when installed, whereas a seeded lawn requires years of care to reach maturity. Once sod has been installed, just water, mow and fertilize.

How do I maintain my lawn?
To maintain a quality lawn, the grass requires water, sunlight and nutrients. Frequent mowing with sharp blades is a necessity. Dull blades can cause the grass to be torn instead of cut, leaving a bruise or jagged leaf edge and adding to the risk of turf disease.

Mow when the sod is dry to prevent wet clumping masses from being left behind by the mower and return mulched clippings to the sod. When the clippings are returned a small amount of organic matter and beneficial nutrients are returned to the soil, improving soil condition. Clippings can and should be collected when they are long and thick, and when the potential for disease development is increased.

Use the proper fertilizers and weed control engineered for your specific sod type. Remember to fertilize according to the seasonal schedules required by your sod. Fertilization schedules can be found on the packaging of most quality fertilizers call us today for a complete custom schedule.