We help your yard look beautiful and stay healthy year round. We understand your lawn isn't just grass it's an investment.

An investment of not only time and money, but also of dreams and memories. Of course you want your yard to look perfect. Our MONTHLY LAWN CARE SERVICE in LEHIGH ACRES can help you achieve the perfect lawn you've always wanted.

A healthy lawn also helps keep out disease. Our Monthly Lawn Maintenance can tailor a lawn care approach for your yard based on our knowledge of the specific area, considering everything from climate to average rainfall rates in Sw. Florida.


Helpful Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Portable Sprinklers: Offer a reasonably-priced method for watering grass. Since sprinklers have a variety of distribution and range methods, select a sprinkler according to the size and the shape of your lawn watering zone.

Stationary Sprinklers: Are good for small patches that need extra water or are missed by other sprinklers.

Rotary and Impact Sprinklers: Are intended for circular watering zones on large to medium lawns.

Oscillating Sprinklers: Send a fan of water throughout a large rectangular area. Revolving sprinklers work in smaller areas, shooting a circular pattern of jets of water.

Irrigation Systems: Being timer-controlled can be effective in maximizing efficiency. You can set up an automatic lawn watering schedule and not have to disrupt your own schedule to water your lawn. Irrigation systems can also help conserve water. They can be a perfect choice for vacation homes or for homes in which you are away weeks at a time.

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